Gopro Protection Frame Carbon Fiber (GoCASE) [GoPro-Protection-Frame] - 2,737.14 руб. :
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Gopro Protection Frame Carbon Fiber (GoCASE)

2,737.14 руб.




Gopro Protection Frame Carbon Fiber (GoCASE) 

Gopro Protection Frame Review: 
Gopro Protection Frame is developed for GoPro Helmet Camera Sports Camera.


Gopro Protection Frame 1

Gopro Protection Frame Features: 

Gopro Protection Frame is an imitation retaining case particularly made for GoPro sports camera, which has a high-strength resin arc straight-light UV lens on it, can effectively protect camera lens of GoPro without effecting image quality and prevent damaging of GoPro lens from unexpected crashing; GoCase is made of carbon fiber material, which can totally surround the fuselage of GoPro camera. Behind the GoCase, a card gate was designed to install and take out the GoPro card, easy and convenient.


Gopro Protection Frame 2

Gopro Protection Frame Specification: 

  • Size: 42mm x 89.2mm x 52mm 
  • Weight: 24g 
  • Suitable for: GoPro V21/V22 generation

Gopro Protection Frame 3

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  • Производитель: ARCANUM

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